Every Day Vegan Menu

Vegan MenuThere are so many options you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or the occasional treats for your everyday menu.

• Breakfast – In the breakfast, you can have cereal or porridge with soy milk, nut milk or rice milk and sprinkle some fresh fruits. Get an English muffin and toast it; then scramble some tofu, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms to have with your toasted muffin. Jam, marmite, baked beans and avocado with toast is another easy breakfast option. There are also a number of fruit smoothies, fruit salads, vegan pancakes and maple syrup, and muffins.

• Lunch – For lunch, crusty bread and some minestrone soup can be great. Also, you can have a bean or tempeh burger, salads, pasta, rice and potatoes. There are many delicious wraps and sandwiches that you can try and be sure to use vegan mayo, falafel, veg schnitzels, roasted veggies, hummus, mustard, crispy tofu and many salads. You can also have some sushi and baked potato.

• Dinner – For dinner, have some mashed potatoes and add a softened clove of garlic for taste. You can have veg sausages with this. Other options are gravy with green beans, corn on the cob with barbequed tofu or vegetable skewers, veg noodles, spaghetti or lasagna, roti and lentils and mushroom risotto. You can prepare a vegetable stir fry with noodles or rice and tofu, nuts or tempeh.

• Snacks – For snacks, you always have fruits and veggies, so be creative with them. Use salsa, hummus and guacamole as dips for your raw veggie slices. Other options are nuts, soy milk, green smoothies, crackers with fresh veggie toppings and baby spinach leaves with tahini or butter.

• Occasional Treats – You can have nutty, fruity and chocolate muffins as treats. Also, there are vegan cakes and pastries, vegan bars and licorice that you can gorge on.