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Animal Exploitation

There are many ways in which animals (or non-humans) get exploited in our world: Ø They are raised only to provide clothing and facilitate food needs for humans. Ø Used in circuses and rodeos for entertainment at the expense of their health and well-being. Ø Used as lab rats for testing household products, medicines and […]

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Bio Industry

There are many everyday products that are so useful and have been granted to us because of the biotech industry. This industry makes practical applications of food science and improves the quality of various foods we eat by making use of enzymes. In basic terms, biotechnology makes use of components and processes of living organisms […]

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Power of Vegan Food

The vegan food movement has changed the lives of many people who practice them. Not only are these foods healthier, they are also tasty, contrary to popular belief. Raw food diets and semi cooked foods that most vegans prefer are extremely nutritious as the nutrients inside the food are preserved, and the body gets the […]

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